About Hybritic

Welcome to Hybritic

Hybritic is a worldwide pioneer in skills and talent development training. It offers multi-disciplinary learning administration and preparing conveyance answers for multi-national companies, organizations, institutes and people. Our organization’s position is among the world’s foremost training organizations because of its huge collection of all-inclusive training packages and advancement programs.

About CEO

A man of vision and a high level of enthusiasm, Mr. Lakshmisha Yadav P has an experience of about 15 years in the field of IT. Moving from the toil of the IT world and stepping into the province of Animation was nothing less than a change of cultures for him.
He realized the boom in Animation and the multiple job opportunities that Animation has to offer such as Graphic Designer, Layout Designer, Photo Editor, Interior Design Planner, etc. He believes that every individual is born with a gift which keeps them different from the rest. He focuses on bringing out the hidden artist in each one and enhancing their imagination skills.
To him Animation is giving life to your imagination and flourishing the creative you. He motivates each one to throw light in the less discovered and unattended areas of their life and shows them the right direction and path to take. He focuses on making a bigger and better tomorrow for each one of his students.
Being soft spoken and with a charming smile, he creates all the contrast in one’s life within a span of months. He would be glad to have each one of you on board.

Our Vision

Vision to see a world free from unemployment and ensure fruitful engagement.

Our Mission

Skills and prosperity through meaningful training and learning.

Our Goal

We at HYBRITIC aim to become a globally accepted and acknowledged Animation Training Centre.

Why choose us?

With the evolving software in Animation, we ensure that our computers are well equipped with high levels of technology.

We make sure that parting education happens in the best of the provinces. Therefore we provide quality kind of infrastructure

We provide the students with highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers.

We would love to hear from you 🙂

Feel free to contact us with any of your queries and we’ll answer to your query at the earliest.